Get Your SoundFreaq On – Wireless iPod, iPad and iPhone Music Streamer

There’s a few Bluetooth-equipped iPod/iPhone docks out there but not that many.

Perhaps it’s a sound quality issue?

Thing is, who wouldn’t want to be able to bounce their tunes bounced to a decent sound system from their phone wirelessly?

This is why I’m curious about the SoundFreaq Sound Platform.

It looks impressive, it’s got lovely silver knobs and the video below shows that the speakers should push some air.

Soundfreaq was unleashed at IFA last night and this Bluetooth equipped speaker dock also has its own iPad app too.

You will be able to blaze across your choonz from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or any other device with A2DP stereo Bluetooth streaming – as simple as that.

If you’re iThingy is low on juice you can hook it up to the front mounted iPod dock.

It promises to give you good aural thanks to its custom woofers and tweeters.

You can sign up for more info here 🙂

Here’s that video:

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