Get Your Ready Meals, Monster Munch and Beer from Amazon UK

I’m just about to file this in the ‘Things that will never happen’ drawer when a cursory glance turned into amazement.

Amazon is actually selling groceries from its UK site.

Yup – Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Ocado and the rest have a new online shop buddy.

There’s a fair range of stuff there as well – you can even by booze from Amazon! 🙂

All the staples are there: fresh meat, seafood, canned goods, ready meals, fresh fruit and veg.

The Amazon grocery store is still in beta but how can it not be totally brilliant to go to Amazon, buy a best seller, browse for some music and then do your weekly shop?

I’m seriously thinking about giving it a go next time I shop as I’m already an Amazon Prime customer (usually £49 subscription) which means I unlimited free One-Day delivery.

If you’re not so blessed all the items in the Amazon UK grocery section are eligible for Free Super Saver Delivery which still only takes 3 to 5 days.

What I like is the Amazon iPhone app for ordering when I’m out and about – fab!

What do you think? Sure it’s going to be a tad odd at first looking for sachets of Miso soup via an interface that you usually buy books through but hey – you can always put a crate of expensive imported booze on your wish list now 😉

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