Get Your Free Skynet Enhancement Module

skynet-joinI thought employing cats to advertise FEAR was a great idea but, frankly this is stacks cooler!

Terminator Skynet robots are popping up in the post. has cropped up promoting its vague goals to help advance mankind.

The best bit though is that they’re offering samples of real-life “robotic enhancement modules” to anyone that signs up – I’ve just ordered mine 🙂

One of the first to scoop theirs was Peter Sciretta from

He filled in his details and in just over a week received “enhancement module model 101″ from Skynet Research.

He’s videoed the unboxing on Slashfilm where Peter shows the light-up device doing its thing.

Want to see what it does? Click here to find out.

This is all part of the marketing for the new Terminator film: Terminator Salvation but filling in a form to get a parcel from Skynet?  What’s the worse that could happen?…….

Check out the promo vid below.