Get Your Free iPhone 4 Case NOW – Here’s How

Gettem while their hot!

Read on to find how to get your free Bumper or a case from Belkin, Griffin, Incase or Spek.

Apple’s made it fairly easy to order your case – First download the iPhone 4 Case Program app from the App Store.

I’m guessing this is so that Apple knows you actually have an iPhone 4 and to take away any mistyping of serial numbers, etc.

There’s a range of cases on there but the only Bumper available is the black one – so, only black iPhone 4‘s and only black Bumpers. Is Jobs gonna be changing his name to Ford soon?

I’m certainly not complaining – In 3-5 weeks I shall get my free case.

Which one are you getting? Mine is the Griffin Reveal Etch 🙂


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