Get the Flawk on to this excellent Twitter crowd engagement tool

flawk groupTwitter has certainly changed the way people, celebrities and brands especially, interact with their fans. The problem is that Tweets aren’t the most engaging way to hold a proper conversation even with the recent addition of linked chats. Flawk is about to change that.

Flawk is the great result of 6 years worth of ideas and development by co-founders Kabriel Robichaux and Matt Coalson who met 12 years ago at game development company Electronic Arts.

Flawk is an instant chat system which sits alongside Twitter. What makes it great is the fact that it can be used for question and answer sessions (Q&As) between a brand, celeb or regular mortal, and their whole social media fan base and it takes just a matter of seconds to set up.

Flawk employs a one-to-many communication model that lets fans do more than just look at content, wade through Reddit or expand Twitter conversations. It puts both sides in the same online “event,” so it’s just like everyone is in the same room.

The key section is the chat area, which is called a Flawk session. The whole process is controlled by the owner of the account who can show videos or play music to the whole group of Flawkers, and pick the answers they want to respond to. The users can also vote up questions they want to see answered, so there’s some crowd power involved.

You just bounce over to and log in using your Twitter details.

flawkThe Flawk URL matches the Twitter namespace — becomes, for example. Whoever hosts the Flawk has control of the arena — which songs or videos to play, what question to answer and which person to interact with, all on their own time.

You can play YouTube and SoundCloud links directly on the page.

Everyone else’s live chat runs at the bottom of the page, making actual Q&As much easier to follow. You can watch a conversation with a celebrity play out, rather than a carefully crafted response to a tweet.

You can chat with individuals to answer their questions specifically, or chat to the whole group to answer a question, and every speech bubble has an option to be sent to Facebook or Twitter manually – this means that you won’t be spamming everyone as you go.

Flawk should be a winner as it’s so easy to set up and use and I can defintely imagine many celebs and companies jumping on this.

Right now there’s no way to save a Flawk session, but they’re working on it, and of course it’s still version 1, so there will likely be a few things that need tweaking.

I really can’t see any drawback with Flawk and expect to see the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and other Twitterati setting up sessions very soon.

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