Get Apple iPad in UK Before Anyone else Without Leaving the Country

If you like the idea of flashing an Apple iPad around Blighty before the rest of the fanboys and girls but would rather not have to fly stateside to make it so then here’s the answer my gadgety faithful.

Slip in your order to from right now because pre-ordering is now on over the pond. No need to wait for that pesky UK release date!

BundleBox, if you’re not familiar with the name, was set up by former Google exec Andre Schmidt last year and lets UK consumers buy from any US website. It’s basically an online transatlantic shopping service that lets us in the UK register for a free USA postal address meaning that we can sign on to the pre-order service despite the current US residency restriction.

Just simply sign up to Bundlebox, select its ‘Buy for Me’ service and order and pay for your iPad.

Because the iPad counts as an “automatic data processing machine” under customs rules, it’s import duty free – which all adds up to the 16GB WiFi version costing £465.20, including all shipping costs and VAT.

Tempted? Or are you thinking about buying a different tablet?

Let me know 🙂

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