Get a load of Gita – Piaggio cargo bot

piaggio gita cargo robotPiaggio is renowned for scooters – heck, it owns the Vespa brand – so perhaps not the first place to go for a robot. Well, that is all about to change thanks to Gita.

Piaggio Fast Forward is the robot-loving arm of the Italian company. It is pretty pleased with itself too.

The new tech division has unveiled its first product: Gita.

This is a personal cargo robot that is able to haul up to 40 pounds of supplies. It can either follow a map, or its human operator.

It will even keep up with you on a bike as it is capable of trundling along at 22MPH.

As you can probably guess by Gita’s shape, it’ll turn on a sixpence. This should come in handy when weaving in and out of those meat-bag pedestrians.

Could Gita make roadies a thing of the past? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Gita – first step

The plan is to roll out the robot to business-to-business test programs. Although, Piaggio fully intends to release a version that you can buy for individual use.

Good time GitaA full announcement is expected on February 2nd, so expect some celebrations. Judging by the pic above, it looks like ‘Good-time Gita’ is already prepared.

Could we be seeing Gitas and Starship bots taking care of our weekly shop whilst Amazon drones drop off our other wants soon?