Geek Out V2 mini headphone amp/DAC launches in UK

geekout v2 plus angleLH Labs via Audiobility are launching their new High end mini Headphone Amp/DAC in to the UK – the Geek Out V2.

To celebrate this initial launch in the UK , they will be offering a 15% discount via their Indiegogo page with delivery before Christmas.

Geek Out V2 paves the way for the future of the premium portable DAC & headphone amplifier experience in an extremely compact package.

Don’t let its small size lead you to believe that it will be short of features.

The Geek Out V2 packs selectable gain settings of 1000mW & 100mW, and will play nicely with those monstrous power hungry cans or your uber-sensitive IEM’s with equal aplomb.

You can now play any music on the market today from MP3’s all the way up to 32/384 kHz and DSD 128 ultra-high-resolution files.

The V2 + version even has a built in battery so this Headphone Amp/DAC can be completely portable.

geekout v2Not only that, there is also an Infinity version which has the added benefit of a third gain setting of 450mW, plus a third digital mode to optimise the DAC for streaming music through services like Tidal.

Its THD performance is further improved by -3 dB! If you’re a fan of streaming online music through your computer, this could well be the DAC/amp for you.

You can Geek Out with the V2 at the bargain starting price of $254.00 (around £170).

I hope to be getting my hands on one soon so stay tuned for a GadgetyNews review.