Gears of War for PC

Gears of War, which took the Xbox 360 gaming market by storm, is hoping to emulate some of that success on the PC.

A tweaked version of the game is being launched on Friday for Windows XP and Vista machines, containing five new missions and your chance to head-to-head with the 40-foot tall Brumak [above]. Still, the launch comes a full year after the 360 launch and begs the question whether or not Microsoft has ignored PC gamers too long on this one?

The console version has already shipped four million copies and was named the UK’s favourite game recently.

The PC version comes with higher resolutions, new multiplayer maps and achievements. It will be priced at £40 but, before you spend all that cash, early reports suggest that you will need a speedy PC with a chunky graphics card to get the most out of this game.-Martin Lynch

From Engadget