Gear4 Video Buddy – From iPod Nano to Widescreen TV

Nano videobuddyAfter last week’s reports that a US gym has banned the new iPod Nano due to fears that it could be used for catching scenes of sweaty, lycra clad folk on the treadmill and an actual arrest in Kobe, Japan, after some bloke hid the Nano in his shoe, and somehow filmed up an 18 year old girl’s skirt perhaps the latest from Gear4 could get banned soon.

The Gear4 VideoBuddy is the ideal mate to your new Nano – all you have to do is shove it into the port down at the bottom of your 5th gen’ iPod nano and use the supplied RCA cable to connect it to your gogglebox.

Hey presto – your hastily, yet tastefully, shot clips can now been chucked up on your HDTV.

All you need is £29.99 and to head over to Gear4

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