GDrive – Up In The Clouds. Better Than SkyDrive and MobileMe?

cloud-question-markThe big 3 of Google, Microsoft and Apple have all been developing cloud-based virtual services for a while and it looks as if this could be the year that Cloud Computing takes a grip.

The plus side is that it will mean more information storage and processing done on remote servers, freeing up our hardware to be skinnier and sexier as well as being able to get to all of our putery stuff anywhere.

You’re probably already aware of Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Apple’s MobileMe but the one that interests me is GDrive.

Google’s GDrive would basically provide online storage through Google servers – enough for the entire contents of your hard drive (great for backing up if you don’t feel like relying on it solely).

You’d be able to access all your desktop files remotely, via a web interface, and there’d be tight integration with a host of Google services – Docs, Gmail, Picasa, etc

The real groovy thing is that the GDrive will probably offer unlimited storage free of charge – unlike SkyDrive that will offer 25GB free and that’s limited to 50MB per file.

Apple’s MobileMe asks for a subscription for its web, desktop and mobile love-in and judging by feedback it’s still got a long way to go.

Of course, nothing is truly free.

There’s likely to be the usual Google adsense style privacy intrusion……

You know, Just like in GMail, Google could scan your (authorised) web-based files in order to deliver targeted advertising.

As long as they’re not likely to use the scanning to discover your perversions, plans to overthrow the establishment or my love for pictures of wildlife covered in custard (JOKE!) it might be not so bad in exchange for such a free service.

I’m still 50/50 whether I trust this cloud thing though.  What d’ya reckon?

Will you be signing up and if so which service?

Let me know 🙂