64GB iPhone 5 not Listed – Black and White Versions are Though

Those hoping that the next generation iPhone will appear with increased storage for more apps, more pics, vids and tunes may be disappointed to hear that, apparently, the first 64GB iPhone will not be the iPhone 5.

A listing on Vodafone’s SureSignal product page does list the iPhone 5, but only in its usual 16GB and 32GB flavours – so the rumours of the first 64GB iPhone seem to be well and truly nipped in the bud.

Although, a clone possibly based on the ‘real’ 64GB iPhone 5 has popped up on the interwebs.

SureSignal works as a booster for Vodafone’s reception and the site shows a list of phones compatible with the device. It does mention four “iPhone 5” models, with capacities of 16GB and 32GB as well as them coming in both black and white – so, at least they’re expecting white iPhone 5s at launch and not almost a year after their black counterparts 😉

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