Garmin Speak – Echo Dot for your car

garmin speakI do like my Echo Dot and now Alexa can be in your car thanks to the new Garmin Speak.The connected

The Sat-Nav savvy Garmin has teamed up with Amazon to make a tiny Echo Dot that affixes to the windscreen.

Not only is it empowered with Alexa’s voice commands it dishes out turn-by-turn navigation by Garmin.

That’s right, as well as Garmin’s excellent directions you get all your usual info – news, weather, sports – from Amazon’s assistant as well. Forgot to turn off the house lights? You can sort that too.

Furthermore, if you have connected smart stuff, it means you can turn the livingroom lights off from your car.

Garmin Speak = smart car

garmin speak alexa in carAdditionally, this little auto Dot works with your car sound system via Bluetooth or AUX.

This is great news as it means you don’t have to rely on a tiny tinny speaker.

garmin speak cardsThe device is only 1.5-inches wide so iss a lot smaller than the Echo Dot. However, it does keep the familiar glowing blue ring.

Moreover, there’s an OLED display that will display arrows for navigation.
[youtube id=”fmVvWNN2sJc”]
Naturally, as you’ll be driving out of range of your home Wi-Fi, the Garmin Speak will need to be paired with your smartphone so it can get a data connection.

Is there a need for Alexa in your car? I’m not entirely sure. But, saying that, voice control of music and turn-by-turn navigation is appealing.

Price and availability

The Speak costs $150 and you can pick one up from Garmin’s website.

I have reached out to Garmin for a UK price and release.