Garmin Nuvifone Get’s Groped – Hands on

The swines!

The people over at Laptop Magazine have not only managed to get all over the Garmin Nuvifone prototype they’ve rubbed our noses in it and posted vids and pics aplenty (links at bottom).

The good thing for us lot is that we can see the UI in action :0)

They say that the screen is nice and big, and the User Interface appears to be very GPS-centric.

On using the QWERTY keypad they reported it as “spacious enough” and uses an “auto-complete dictionary” (predictive text).

The main page is pretty well set out with a row of icons for calling, searching, and mapping, and finger swipes stream them across the screen.  Smooooooth.

On the device that was tested the applications seem to be SMS, Google Search, email and media player.

Apparently some apps didn’t load properly and some of the display units were frozen in a borked limbo state.

But, as I said earlier, this is a prototype version and I’m sure (hope) that Garmin will have sorted all this out before the release in the 4th quarter of the year.

Still unsure that the $500 price tag is fixed or that it shall also be available in white.

Laptop Blog – Handson With Nuvi 

Laptop Blog UI Action Vid