Gaming keyboard will feature ROCCAT Titan Switch Tactile

Titan SwitchROCCAT has just announced their new Titan Switch Tactile, their first in-house designed mechanical switch.

ROCCAT has worked with TTC, a leading manufacturer in its field, in order to create the new keyboard switch.

Titan Switch Tactile

The Titan Switch Tactile promises competitive speed, first-class typing feel and striking aesthetics.

The collaboration set its goals to creating a faster and more responsive switch. The first step was to reduce the actuation point from 2 to 1.8 mm. Additionally, they wanted to retain the quality feel of the key stroke.
Titan Switch

They also reduced the switch bouncing time by 20%. This was was achieved by optimising ROCCAT’s firmware as well as working with high-quality components. This all added to securing the stability of the switch.

The results

We’re told that the new switch possesses a crisp, tactile pressure point paired with solid precision and high reaction speed that ensures an excellent typing feel.

However, it’s not all simply about performance. Design also played a decisive role in the development of the Titan Switch Tactile. The transparent housing in combination with reduced, ultra-light key caps shows off the mechanics of the switch, as well as becoming the perfect companion for the ROCCAT AIMO lighting system.

Titan SwitchEach switch contains a long-life multicoloured LED with access to 16.8 million colours. The result is a powerfully balanced switch – precise, responsive, and comfortable.

Price and availability

Which ROCCAT product will be the first to feature the Titan Switch Tactile? Stay tuned as, on June 5th at Computex, Taiwan, ROCCAT will unveil a brand-new design story.