Gameloft Duo contoller turns your iPad and iPhone in to an arcade machine

Gameloft iOS Duo Gamer Arcade ControllerI think that we can all agree that mobile gaming has come on ‘beaps and lounds’ but I for one feel that there’s still something lacking when using touchscreen controls. Thankfully Gameloft feels exactly the same.

Games on tablets and smartphones now look great and play pretty darned fine too but, let’s face it, touchscreen controls can be a little hit and miss – mostly miss.

Let’s get physical thanks to Gameloft and their new Duo Gamer controller for iOS devices.

The Duo Gamer hands you a pair of analogue sticks, four buttons and is loaded with a pair of triggers.

You also get a stand which will help convert your iThingy in to a portable mobile gaming solution for some opportunist tabletop arcade gaming action.

Five initial Gameloft titles will support the new controller: N.O.V.A, Order and Chaos Online, Modern Combat 3, Brothers in Arms 2 and Asphalt 7 – with plans for more title support in future.

The Duo Gamer can be yours for US$70 – I’m keeping my eyes peeled for UK pricing and release info which I’ll let you know when I get it.

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