GadJet Magic Cable review – charge Androids and iPhones

GadJet Magic Cable


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Charges and syncs micro USB and Lightning
  • Looks good
  • Feels good quality
  • Decent price - even better on offer
  • Just need one cable


  • None that spring to mind

gadjet cableOne cable to charge them all. Not exactly Lord of the Rings but GadJet have a cable that will charge your iPhone as well as your ‘droid.

The GadJet Magic Cable is an equal opportunities sync/charging cable. No matter if you have a micro USB or Lightning port, this cable will juice your gadge.

GadJet Magic Cable design

Whether your main handset is an iPhone or an Android phone, this is something that’ll be very useful.

On one end, a standard USB connector. On the other is a jack that works as both a Lightning connector and a micro USB connector.

gadjet usb lightning cable connectorThis clever configuration means that the tricky end of the cable will fit into an Android phone (or Bluetooth speaker, headset, a tablet, TV stick or anything else) very easily.

As with all micro USB cables, you can only really put it in one way up. It worked well for the devices I tested it with, although Samsung phones seemed to be a bit awkward for some reason.

The design and quality of the 1.2 metre cable and connectors appear to be pretty good. I was sent the red and silver variety, but there’s also a black and gold version, should that be more your thing.

GadJet Magic Cable performance

As the latest iPhones shirk the convenience of a headphone jack, chances are owners will be rocking a Bluetooth headset. This would normally mean they’d have to pack a Lightning cable for the iPhone as well as micro USB to charge their cans. This is no longer the case thanks to this natty cable.

gadjet usb lightning cableThe same goes if you have an Android phone as well as an iPad – or even an iPad and a Bluetooth speaker. Now, instead of multiple cables you just need the one. OK, if you’re really unlucky and everything needs charging at the same time you’ll be snookered.


Shoving this thing in to an iPhone felt a little wrong. I don’t know if it was because it was someone else’s phone or that I see iPhones as delicate little flowers, but it did feel like I was forcing something in to the iPhone that really shouldn’t have been going in.

It was all fine. There was no damage to anything and the iPhone charged without incident.


As my Nexus 6P and Honor 8 sport USB C I couldn’t test the cable with those. I do, however, have plenty of Bluetooth head/earphones as well as a Shield tablet.

These were all juiced as expected.

GadJet Magic Cable price and availability

You can pick one of these up for £9.99 with free delivery and a 6 month warranty.

The usual price is £12.99.