GadgetyNews up for UK Blog Award #ukba15

uk blog awardsThat’s right gadgety faithful. This little blog, which is now in it’s eighth year (it turned 7 on October 30th), is through to the public voting stage of the National UK Blog Awards 2015!

Some of you are regulars to this site, where others might drop in occasionally to get an update on what’s happening in the smartphone, laptop, gaming or Hi-Fi world. There are those of you that simply swing by because you’ve been directed here by a search engine when looking for insight before making a purchase. Hopefully each and every one of you have felt welcome here and found what you’re looking for.

I started this site because I was forever being bamboozled by the terminology used on other sites, even though I love my tech and had a fair knowledge of the area – this has obviously increased somewhat over the years – and I know that there are folks out there who are in the same position as I was.

I am happy to announced that this low jargon, high tech site is through to the public voting rounds of the National UK Blog Awards and this is where you good people come in.

Please click the big blue vote thing below – it takes a matter of seconds, there is no sign up and it won’t cost you anything!

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Thank you for voting and, you never know, you may have made GadgetyNews an award winning tech blog!