GadgetyNews – top UK tech blog in the spotlight

Vuelio logoI enjoy writing about all the latest tech and reviewing gadgets, that goes without saying hopefully. Recently, though, the tables have been turned and I have been interviewed about GadgetyNews.

For those of you that have just discovered this corner of the interwebs, GadgetyNews has been a habit (it’s so much more than a hobby) of mine for quite a while.

In fact, in October this year, it will celebrate its 10th anniversary – the iPhone will probably just pip it to the post.

I do get asked about how I keep GadgetyNews updated and relevant more than I perhaps realise. It is also a general assumption that I get to keep everything I review and that it is great fun writing about all this lovely gadge.

Well, for the most part, it is fun. It has to be. Regarding getting lots of free kit; well, you will just have to read on 😉

Blogger Spotlight

vuelio blogger spotlight gadgetynewsI am really honoured to have been interviewed by Merryn from Vuelio.

Vuelio is “Europe’s leading provider of software for communications, public affairs and stakeholder engagement”. So, quite important to the likes of GadgetyNews and the many brands out there.

VuelioTop 10 Badge 2017 - GadgetyNewsThis came as a follow-up to GadgetyNews being ranked by Vuelio as one of the top 5 UK tech blogs.

I’d like to also point out that GadgetyNews appears to be the highest ranking solo blog.

A few highlights

Here are a few insights from the interview.

What was your main goal when you started your blog?

GadgetyNews has promised low jargon, high tech since it started in October 2007. I wanted somewhere for gadget lovers and tech junkies to go that was written in plain English. I try to avoid confusing jargon and acronyms whenever possible.

Why did you decide to write about technology?

I have always had an interest in tech whether it be computers, Hi-Fi, TVs, phones, right through to finding the best value vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, or iron. The thing that bugged me was all the confusing jargon and acronyms used. There seems to be an expectation and assumption of many publications that we’ll know what they were talking about. I recognise that some people might be looking to replace their television, for example, for the first time in a decade and might not be hip to all the latest tech talk out there. I hope to take them through it all and explain why two identical looking devices might have £500 difference on their price tag, and why it may or may not be worth paying it.

Is there any advice that you have for any aspiring bloggers?

 You have to invest time, so make sure you are actually interested in what you’re writing about. It’s like joining your first band, the reason for doing it cannot be in order to get rich and famous. There are much easier and quicker ways to achieve that. Do not start a blog to get free gear either. Most of what I get to review has to be returned and I write all my reviews with the mindset that I will not be keeping any of it. I am still really surprised and grateful when I do get to keep stuff or am able to buy it at a discounted rate. Also, be honest – I am aware of some press that charge for reviews or will coincidentally run huge ads at the same time as the review. It must be tricky for those writers to remain subjective and not have a conflict of interests.

Read the full interview

Head on over to Vuelio’s Blogger Spotlight section of their website now.

Thanks again to Merryn and Vuelio for chosing GadgetyNews.