GadgetyNews: Priority One top 4 tech sites

gn-cube Thank you Priority One. What a lovely 9th birthday present!

IT support and outsourcing leaders, Priority One, has listed their favourite four tech sites. These people obviously know their stuff as, second on the list, is GadgetyNews.

That’s right gadgety faithful, your own site has been recognised once again as being the destination for low jargon, high tech. By the way, GadgetyNews turns 9 years old today too!

Priority One top 4

The list of highly rated sites are as follows:

As part of this accolade I was asked a couple of questions by the site.

p1excellencePriority One interview

What is your core focus?

“GadgetyNews started when I realised that I couldn’t be the only one bamboozled by the acronyms and initials being used regularly by manufacturers and tech sites.

 I began to ‘translate’ news and reviews on a temporary hosting. Without promoting it I was soon getting a few hundred hits a week. I then decided to start my own site for real, using original content. Low jargon, high tech has been GadgetyNews’ mantra ever since. Tech news and gadget reviews in plain English is my main focus”.

How have you been able to grow to what you are today?

“As you can imagine, gadget news and review sites are pretty plentiful. Even when GadgetyNews started 9 years ago, it was already a crowded place. I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon an angle – a casual, friendly chat style that avoids jargon – that separated me from many of the rest.

Building strong relationships with PR firms that contacted me also helped. Simply being polite and not taking any of my contacts for granted seems common sense to me. Never underestimate how many people know others in your circle.”

Anything else you would like to add?

“Friends love the fact that I get to play with a lot of the latest gadgets but I spend almost every hour of ‘spare’ time I have either reviewing or writing. This is while holding down a full-time job and being a working musician. It’s a commitment, but one I enjoy. Thankfully.”