GadgetyNews PlayStation reporters in quote shocker

punk and lizardRegular visitors to GadgetyNews should be familiar with the cartoonish corespondents that take care of all the PlayStation Vita games and, as soon as they can get their mits on them, PlayStation 4 titles.

Now, their fame has reached another level.

Our very own SM_Punk and BlondLizard have had their words immortalised in a new game trailer.

Nice one lads!

Punk and Lizard have both been working hard to bring you PlayStation gamers the latest news and reviews as well as a few exclusives, and their work has paid off.

One of their exclusives last month was to bring you some actual gameplay action from the skateboarding title OlliOlli.

They also caught up with Tom from Roll7 at the Eurogamer expo to get in on the new developments of the game. Now their links with the game has gone even further.

<proud>Check out the video below and check out the third quote</proud>.

[youtube id=”hUFm1JlSL3c”]

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