GadgetyNews Mini Articles, Videos and Quick Bits

There are those tech and gadget sites that will post up a YouTube clip and a couple sentances on their pages and hope that will please you. GadgetyNews is different.

For me, the main GadgetyNews site and its RSS twin are there for some good ol’ fashioned low jargon, high tech news and reviews. I might squirt the occassional quick link from the GadgetyNews Twitter account but if you’re looking for those vids, pics, one-liners or just a quick hit of geekahol then perhaps you should visit here.

The GadgetyNews.Latest page is where I sling up self-explainatory video clips of mobile phones, unboxings, game/video/film teaser trailers, infographics as well as the days posts being automagically sent over there so you can catch up whilst telling the world what you’re eating or watching on the telly.

This is also where I’ll post when at press launches and release parties – things may get a bit slurred every now and then 😉

If you happen to be there why not hit the ‘Like’ button and tell your friends about it – feel free to share links and stuff too!

I look forward to seeing you at GadgetyNews.Latest.


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