GadgetyNews iPhone and iPod Touch App Refreshed

Hello there Gadgety iPhone and iPod Touch owners!

When you jump onto GadgetyNews on those Apple mobile devices you will notice that there’s something different about your favourite low jargon high tech blog.

I started having a mobile theme option back in July last year and so it’s time for a little refresh.

Not only are the post thumbnails now visible you will only see as many posts as you wish.

When you land on the mobile version of GadgetyNews you will see the latest post but will be given the option to ‘Load More Entries’.  This is so it all gets loaded super quickly when you’re out of range of Wi-Fi or 3G.

Of course, you can just keep tapping ‘Load More Entries’ right up til the last post you read – obviously it wont be that far back as you are all a faithful Gadgety bunch aren’t you? 😉

If the mobile theme is not to your liking you can simply switch it off using the toggle swipe at the bottom of the page.

To add a shortcut to your iPhone/Touch home page in an app-stylee just follow the instructions here 🙂

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