GadgetyNews iPhone App – Smartphone Friendly Gadget News

There’s been a number of you asking for a phone-friendly version of this here site as the videos in the side-bar wouldn’t load on your Apple devices because they were flash-based.

Others would just prefer a mobile version simply to avoid the zooming in and out mullarky in order to read the “well written and well humoured articles” – thanks Lisa Q 🙂

Well – as some of you will know, I’m pretty pushed out with Subset’s mini-tour but I do listen and I do what I can for you lovely GN’ers.

From now on in when you visit GadgetyNews on your smartphone you will see this version:

You can bookmark it by pressing the ‘+‘ and iPhone users will be given the option to ‘Add to Home Screen‘ – this is what you want to do 😉

You will then be faced with this screen – I recommend deleting the space in-between Gadgety and News, but this is where you can name it whatever you want. Perhaps, Jay Wins! – just an idea 🙂

Once you’ve done that, hit the ‘Add’ button and there will, as if by magic, be a GadgetyNews button sat with all your other apps.

As easy as that – and it cost you nuffink!

Navigating the phone-friendly GadgetyNews is simples too.

As you will see, the articles are listed with the most recent at the top. Tap the little arrow next to the headline to see the start of the piece – if it sounds like something you want to read just hit ‘Read This Post’.

Alternatively – if you want to read everything without glancing at the initial excerpt; tap the headline.

You can even post comments at the end of the article as well as having the options to email it to someone, tweet it or simply bookmark it 🙂

At the very bottom of the screen you have the choice to stay on the mobile version or switch to see GadgetyNews in its full interweb glory (albeit sans Flash bits if you’re on a Touch, iPad or iPhone).

If any of you are tech-minded and feel like knocking me up a bona fide iPhone/iPad app – please feel free 😉

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