GadgetyNews is five years old today! 30/10/12

fiveThis is a very special moment for me. 5 years ago I posted up the “Hello world” post which signalled that what started as Jay Garrett’s Gadgets on a temporary hosting was making an important move.

5 years and 4,300 posts (give or take a couple) later, I am thankful and, frankly amazed by the amount of support that PR companies, gadget makers and tech builders has given this one-man-band over the last few years.

More importantly though, is the amount of you out there that read my take on the world’s gadget news and have given me feedback through the site’s redesigns and focus.

Even though it has mainly been yours truly slinging words up on here every day – GadgetyNews would be nothing without you, the reader. Whether you slip by once in a while or avidly open your RSS reader when a new post lands – I thank every single last one of you and count you as one of the Gadgety Faithful.

Back in 2007 the best phone, in my opinion, was the Nokia N95. I kept that right up til I bought the iPhone 3G in June 2008. My N95 continued to be brilliant for another 2 or 3 years as my good friend bought it off me. Soon after I got my N95 the Nokia Music Store opened.

If you were an Apple fan back in 2007 you wouldn’t be raving about your MacBook Air as they didn’t exist. You could have been sat in a coffee shop with your MacBook Pro which had just been upgraded to feature Santa Rosa architecture if you were really happening, though 🙂

Back in 2007, you could grab a Sony PlayStation for £75 and get a robot to do most of your cleaning chores for the first time!

Thanks again and here’s to the next 5 years – surely we’ll have hoverboards and jet packs by then!

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