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Beosound 2 acoustic lensRecently I have had a behind the scenes look around Marlin PR’s Borough Market HQ. Not only to see what goes on at one of the country’s leading agencies, but to have a closer look at the B&O Beosound range they have providing the audio there.

I have attended the launch of many Bang and Olufsen products. However, at these events you very rarely get the opportunity to sit with any one for any length of time.

During a chat at the BeoLab 50 launch, I mentioned this and, being a total gent, Kai invited me to come and check out the speakers they had at the office.

A few months later, owing to workload and life in general, I finally made it over the river.

B&O at Marlin

Beosound 35

I realise that Bang and Olufsen is one of those brands that appear to divide opinion but, I have to say, after spending time listening to each and every one of these speakers, I found it hard to knock any of them.

From a design point-of-view, I understand their form. From a user’s point-of-view, they do what I expect them to do. The multi-room app interface is also very easy to navigate.

Do they give an expansive soundstage with the depth, clarity and immersion that you would get from an expensive 2-channel system? No. But then again, I am not foolish enough to expect that.

With this range from B&O I want Danish design with audio that is enjoyable. Furthermore, I want the user experience to be uncluttered and intuitive.


When ever you talk to someone who uses Apple products and ask them why, the first thing out their mouth is usually “Well, it just works.” Secondly, they will no doubt mention “I like how it looks.” Do they care what processor is powering the thing? Often, not.

Stop an iPhone user and ask them how many pixels per inch their expensive screen packs in and expect a blank look as your answer. Most people just don’t care. They want something that performs well and looks good.

The Beosound range does just that. I definitely wouldn’t say no to any of them, especially the Beosound 1. Just saying.


Here are some snaps I took during my visit. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Thanks again to Kai for taking the time to show me around.

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For more information about the B&O Beosound range, head on over to the Bang & Olufsen official website: