GadgetyNews is Back and Looking Gorgeous Once More!

Hello there my gadgety faithful!

It appears that GadgetyNews had been plagued by some nasty CSS ugliness caused by some rogue script. The put the site out-of-whack which went unnoticed by myself as it all looked good when logged in as the admin.

A loyal reader (thanks Claire) informed me of the problem and, between me and Danny (The Legend) Brown working for a few hours solid last night, all is back to looking as it should.

You may notice some slight changes but that’s mainly due to me having to rebuild various parts of the site and not having a photographic memory. Some parts and pages may not look finished but there’s also a straight forward reason for that – they’re probably not 😉

If your advert has not reappeared on the site just yet please do not panic. I am having to go through each bit of code to ensure that my site is not corrupted again. Nothing personal but having a working site is more productive for all of us.

Whilst I have your undivided attention may I take this opportunity to point you to the new GadgetyNews Facebook page?

As well as the articles posted on this lovely site there’s little extras such as gadgety video clips, funny stuff and all manner of interesting things that I’ve found whilst trawling the interwebs for the latest tech news to share with you.

Click here and show it some love by clicking ‘Like’.

Thanks for your support – I really do not take it for granted and I hope to see you in the comments or on the Facebook page 🙂



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