Gadgety pens for a more civilised age

parker-ingenuity-deep-red--penUS brand Cross has just released the tracker pen. This has prompted luxury gift emporium, Pen Heaven, to get in touch and let us know about the future of the mighty writing instrument.

With the return of the physical keyboard on smartphones and the ‘vinyl revival‘, there seems to be the need for that missing interaction.

The same goes for writing. We’re so used to punching away at a keyboard but how many of us actually miss the act of penning a letter?

Not very gadgety, you might think.

Well, the pen has come a long way in recent years with brands such as Lamy, Parker and Moleskine leading the way by incorporating advanced technology with traditional pen design.

Furthermore, with the increasing trend for handwriting and old school techniques, many manufacturers have looked at ways to bring their iconic designs into the 21st century by way of relaunch and adaptation.

To mark the occasion and to celebrate the current movement for pen and ink, here are the most cutting-edge designs for today.

Cross Peerless TrackR Ballpoint

cross peerless tkrThe Cross Peerless TrackR is the world’s first trackable pen.

Founded in 1846, Cross have long been acclaimed for their innovative fine writing instruments. This revolutionary design is no exception.

Using the TrackR technology paired with an app via Bluetooth and Crowd Locate tech, this pen has a homing device. This means that you will never lose your pen again! Alternatively, you’ll be able to find out who has taken it.

What’s more, the technology works both ways (when linked to your digital device), helping you to locate your misplaced mobile or tablet with a click of the pen’s cap.

It even works when your device is on silent. Neat.

Price £199 (available in Carbon Black or Blue Quartz)

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

moleskine smart writing setNext up is a prime example of traditional handwriting and modern tech.

The super clever Moleskine Smart Writing Set transfers your handwritten notes, and/or sketches, to the pixels on your screen.

A must-have for any gadget lover, this state-of-the-art set also converts your handwriting into an easy to read and copy text on your chosen digital device. Ingenious.

Price £199.99

Parker Ingenuity

parker ingenuityThis brand has a prestigious history spanning over 100 years. The new Parker Ingenuity offers all the benefits of an actual fountain pen, minus the mess or fuss.

Initially, it looks and writes like a fountain pen. Thanks to its unique nib design, you will soon discover that it handles more like a rollerball.

Using Parker’s patented 5th Technology Refill, this has a smart glide fibre tip that adapts to your writing style to produce effortless penmanship. A modern twist on a classic.

A modern twist on a classic.

Priced from £149 (available in a selection of colour options)

Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen

Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain PenFinally, I bring you a fine specimen of a fountain pen with a rare commodity – it doesn’t need a cap and it won’t dry out!

Lamy’s Dialog 3 offers an elite 14k gold nib that moves in and out of its airtight chamber. This is achieved through the use of a savvy twist mechanism.

It all comes together to offer a super modern and clean look, something one has come to expect from the German brand.

Priced £229.50 (available in palladium and black)

Want more?

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