Gadgety News Gets Disqus-ting Comments

I know how much you like to comment about the latest gadgets and tech and that the original comment system here on GadgetyNews wasn’t the best or easiest to use – so I’ve decided to put that right.

In order to bring the GadgetyNews comment system up-to-date and make it more user friendly I have taken the plunge and moved it over to Disqus.

Those of you who visit the likes of Mashable and such will recognise the top-level commenting system used by the big-boys (and girls) which makes it easy to respond directly to other comments, as well as making it able to ‘like’ comments, respond to comments via email, and edit your own comments.

This new system also enables you to leave comments using your Facebook or Twitter accounts — you can also register for a Disqus account if you want to track your comments on their site, but no account is necessary to comment here.

The Disqus powered system means that you can manage your own Disqus comments across a range of sites such as Mashable, Engadget (if you so desire) and many more as well as the friendly Low Jargon | Hi Tech GadgetyNews. Signing up to Disqus gives you the benefist of threaded comments, the ability to mark comments up or down, and get email alerts when people reply to you or the story.

I think that this is a better, more advanced social system which should make commenting on GadgetyNews a lot easier and more enjoyable.

I have spent the weekend moving all the previous comments left by you, the Gadgety faithful, on the previous system across to their new home and they are now all viewable on GadgetyNews where you left them – as well as sitting on Disqus.

Let me know what you think about the new system by leaving a note in the new, modern fashion.

It’s always good to be the first one to test out the new furniture.

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