Gadgets will last longer……

ToshBatteryIn a press release from Toshiba they speak of a battery capable of recharging to 90% in under 5 minutes while remaining useful (i.e., 5,000+ recharges) for 10 years or more!  This is the world of the Super Li-ion battery.   Toshibas Super Charge ion Batteries, or SCiBs are readying themselves for the tasks at hand.

The range goes from the 2.4V version which measures 62 x 95 x 13-mm and weighs in at 150-grams all the way to  the big, bad boy 24V version which stomps in at 100 x 300 x 45-mm and a mighty 2000-grams.

But before you start throwing all your regular rechargables away Tosh’s first production run is for industrial-use only and will provide power to hybrid cars and the like.   So, when will we see phone, laptop and PSP versions eh?

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