Gadget Tini-Copter Hands on Review – Possibly the smallest RC helicopter out there

tinicopterIf, like me, you find it hard to resist messing around with radio controlled stuff then you’re going to love the Gadget Tini-Copter.

Living up to its name, the Tini-Copter is very small indeed and will easily sit in the palm of your hand or the perfect size for kids. Check out the picture of it sat on my iPhone.

Because of its diminutive proportions, it’s also pretty nippy in the air.

If you’ve ever played with a RC copter before you will know that flying isn’t the same as getting a RC car out and driving it around.

Once you unpack the Tini-Copter and load the controller with 6 AAA batteries you then have to test fly it and get it balanced. This is done using the small levers on the remote control – expect to have the copter spinning about its axis as well as careering off in to walls, pictures and pets. Thankfully this little flying machine is built for indoor flight and I have failed to kill it thus far.

It doesn’t take that long to master basic flight and remembering things like pulling the controller right will turn the copter right… its right isn’t always your right – like when it’s flying towards you!

A 30 minute charge roughly equates to 10 minutes flying time. I’ve flown the copter for a few sessions and the batteries don’t seem to be sapped yet – I would advise getting rechargables though in the long run. It’s better for the environment too!

The controller feels like it’s made of fairly cheap plastic and isn’t finished off as well as more expensive models but it all seems substantial enough to put up with my poor attempts at flight. I am sure that the Tini-Copter will survive an 8-year old’s attentions.

Personally I enjoy having a 5 minute break and simply zip the Tini-Copter around my flat. True, I’m still crashing the thing regularly (that’s why there’s no pics of it in flight!) but the SRP of £30 seems well worth it.

You can find the The Tini-Copter Micro RC Helicopter at and

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