G-Dog – Nothing to do With Gangsta Rap yo!

Yo! Check it bruv.

Dis ere is my dawg; G-Dog yo!


Sorry but for some reason this robo-mut makes me wanna spit gangsta style.

Perhaps it has something to do with this robo-mut being called G-Dog.

Japanese robot maker HPI will start selling this robotic dog, the above named later this month.

The mainly aluminium pooch-droid is powered by a 7.2V nickel metal hydride battery and features a total of nine servomotors. It measures 75×135×190mm and weighs 570g. Good doggy.

Users will be able to control the G-Dog wirelessly via a Playstation-like joypad. The robot is able to sit up and beg, crawl and roll over to its side.

You never know – this canny canine may even get the chance to mark its territory outside of Japan for a change.