Fuwa Pica – Light and Air/Soft and Flashy

FuwipicaFUWA PICA, meaning ‘soft and flashy’ in Japanese, was developed several years ago by staff and student’s at the Mongoose Studio at Japan’s Osaka University.

FUWA PICA, is inflatable furniture that changes colour when you sit on it, touch it or introduce it to other objects.

The main hub of the suite is a round table that features a computer, an LCD display screen and light sensors that link to each of the four inflatable chairs. Red, green and blue lights, which cannot be seen by the human eye, are reflected off the object. An Apple Mac is placed inside the table and sends messages to the four stools which projects light through them, then a pulse is added at around the same tempo as a persons breathing.

If you place a vase of red roses on the table, for example, the sensors will determine their color and instruct the chairs to complement the romantic red hue.

This smart furniture can also change according to a person’s weight, darker tinges relate to heavier people and lighter tinges relate to lighter people. This element of the chair is probably not the greatest selling point, as those that are easily offended won’t want their weight to be shown through the shade of the chair for all to see.

The company is aiming for the technology to be commercially available over the next couple of years. We can expect to see this furniture in bars, restaurants and waiting areas, where the coloured chairs can add to the atmosphere.


Thanks to Dean for the headsup :0)