Furbo networked camera, remote pet treat cannon

furbo pet treat cannonGet a bad case of the guilts every time you leave for work, or go shopping? Well, Furbo is now available in the UK.

Furbo is the treat-tossing, pet entertaining smart camera, that pet lovers overseas have loved. Now, British fur-babies can get in on the action.

This is the perfect gadget for keeping your fury friends happy when you’re out. Also, you can stop them before they ruin your sofa.

Furbo tech

furbo networked pet treat dispenser ukPacking a full HD, wide-angle lens, with 4x digital zoom and automatic night vision, you can keep an eye on your pet to make sure it’s not getting up to anything it shouldn’t.

If you do spot your pup misbehaving, you can use Furbo’s two-way audio to tell it not to. Naturally, this won’t work with cats because, you know, cats.

However, should your pet understand and stop its naughtiness, you can reward it with a treat fired from the camera’s body.

furbo appAll you need for long-range treating is the app and an internet connection.

The treat cannon has a capacity of 100 treats, and also has allows you to save images and video through the app.

Price and availability

In the UK, Furbo is sold exclusively on Amazon for £239.

Furthermore, you can get £40.00 off when you enter FORFURBO at checkout before November 1st.

Who’s a good boy? Who is it? Awwwwww!