Fujitsu UMPC – Smaller and More Powerful Than Sony Vaio P

idx_photo_002Here’s a totally knock-out netbook, UMPC (ultramobile PC) or whatever Fujitsu are calling it.

Who cares – check out the specs!

With a 2GHz Atom CPU, it’s up to be the fastest pocket PC out there – but manages to be smaller than Sony’s Vaio P or the Everun Note.

It’s packing a 5.6″ 800-line touchscreen display, wifi and bluetooth; SSD options; a gig of RAM – all that and weighs a tiny 1.3 pounds.

Although it doesn’t have WWAN options and looks to cost around $1500!

I’m hoping that this comes over to Europe – if it does is will become part of the U800 series apparently.

Over in Japan, it goes by the natty title of the FMV Loox FMVLUC50NDX90YN-440Xb.