Fujitsu Labs Hope To Make Portable Data More Secure – Or Delete it

fujitsu-secure-usbWe’ve all read how clumsy government officials, tax departments and our very own security departments are when it comes to data.

Bank employees have left laptops full of account details, names and addresses of various high rollers have been found in coffee shops and the list goes on – and these are just the ones we know about!

Well, those clever folks over at Fujitsu Labs have got to work to stop this embarrassment.

First up is the “secure USB memory device” which is a thumb drive containing a processor and a battery.

Data security policies can be set to delete data after a specific period of time or if the drive is accessed by an unauthorised computer – hopefully this doesn’t give the brain-dead carte blanche to leave data around though!

Secondly, the company’s “file redirect technology” restricts the data to the USB memory device itself, or to a specified server.

The company is currently putting both of these through internal trials – I’m hoping that these both become standard government issue very soon.