Fujitsu Concept Phone – Transforms into What You Want

This is a concept phone that ranks high on the cool-o-meter!

The Fujitsu device shown at CEATEC lets you to separate your screen and touchscreen keypad in whatever configuration you like.

This means that they can be used separately (one bit in each of your ultra-skinny jeans front pockets) or stuck together by magnets, and where you stick the screen on the keypad determines what the touchscreen shows. Fantastic!

The screen bit contains software functions, including video recording and games, while the keyboard is responsible for the comms side of things.  Stuff like 3G and radio.

This could stop all that quandry of soap bar or flip or slider…………

This is one concept that I’m hoping will:

  • Get released
  • …and not only in Japan 😉

What do you reckon?

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