Free Wi-Fi At Airports and Trainstations – fare dodge

So, you have a Wi-Fi enabled mobile and you’re wanting to check up on what goodies this site has to offer before you get on the train or plane.

You open up your browser and select the airport or stations Wi-Fi only to be sent to a ‘Pay To Browse Page’ – NOOOOOOOoooooooooooo………..

Here’s a neat trick to get you that quick hit 😉

Debuggable Ltd has the full story, but the basic up shot of it is that when you open up your web browser you’re generally re-routed to the service’s sign-up and payment page.

The trick is to enter the web address you’d like to visit and add “?.jpg” to the end of the URL.

So you would go to for example (where else?).

Apparently these for-pay networks don’t block image files (yet), so you’re able to slip through the cracks this way.

You didn’t hear this from me, ok?  🙂

Debuggable Ltd