Free UK 4G upgrade hits O2 owners

o2 4g screenshotWell, today could’ve been a very ropy start as I headed out to London’s strike-hit transport system this morning but, a text from O2 cheered me up.

It was noted at the end of last year the O2 would start to review its pricing structure with a promise of upgrading user’s accounts to 4G for free. Well, my update hit my HTC One this morning.

O2 was last of the UK’s four major networks to announce its 4G rollout but the good news is that the price of speedy data is finally dropping, making 4G start to look like good value for money.

Existing O2 customers can upgrade to a 4G tariff for no extra cost, providing they have a 4G-enabled handset and have a data allowance of 1GB or more on their current contract. If you fit this criteria you will get a text telling you that it’s coming and then a follow-up SMS instructing you to turn your 4G capable phone off and on again.

O2 isn’t excluding you if you don’t have a 4G phone however – you’ll have the option to upgrade to a 4G device and O2’s Refresh tariff.

O2 is attempting to appease those who may already signed up to its 4G tariffs when they were more expensive by promising them a boost in their monthly data allowance at no extra cost.

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