FREE Space Invaders Utilities for iPhone – Thanks Taito


Back in ’78 you brought me the sound track of my youth, you gave me my first hit of geekahol and, more importantly, taught me that Space Invaders should be shot on sight.

All this retro gaming reminiscing is all well and good but GadgetyNews brings you the new stuff.

Well, despite Taito being known for those pensionable games they’ve gone and entered the world of iPhone!

Instead of simply handing you a Space Invaders iPhone game they have developed no less than seven iPhone utility apps!

How about a Space Invader calculator, flashlight, battery meter, memory status, and so on?

Best of all – they’re ALL FREE!  I’ve now got a Space Invaders business card, flashlight and memory status read out 🙂

What’s so cool about the business card app is once you’ve created your custom card you can swap it with other users via a Bluetooth connection.  Shame you can’t exchange the same way as the Bump app but hey – SPACE INVADERS!

Once you collect contact information from other Space Invaders Business Card users, phone calls and emails can be launched directly from within the app – also when you tap on a Twitter name, the app displays the contact’s most recent tweets.

This will add to the headphones, keyboard and tights in the ever growing list of Space Invaders chic!

Check below for the links.

Space Invaders Clock [iTunes FREE]
Space Invaders Battery Meter [iTunes FREE] 
Space Invaders Business Card [iTunes FREE] 
Space Invaders Calculator [iTunes FREE] 
Space Invaders Flashlight [iTunes FREE] 
Space Invaders Memory Status [iTunes FREE] 
Space Invaders Timer [iTunes FREE]

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