Free Samsung Galaxy S to iPhone 4 Complainers

If you’re fed up with your new iPhone and a free case aint winning you over so you are searching for a replacement. Why not complain about the Apple hand-held to agony aunt Samsung?

Why talk to Sammy? Well, if you Tweet about the new phone’s niggles Samsung might give you one of their Galaxy S smart phones to make you feel better.

Tweets from the Samsung UK twitter account indicate that complainers are getting the top of the line Android phone posted within a day of Samsung reading their complaints about the iPhone 4.

“We decided to contact a cross-section of individuals to offer them a free Samsung Galaxy S as a replacement, as we’re confident that once people have the phone in their hands, they’ll see how impressive it is for themselves,” said Samsung in a statement.

This is a very slick marketing move on Sam’s part as the iPhone 4 debate is still rolling and this offer has already started to blaze across the interweblogosphere and thus raising the profile of Samsung’s Galaxy S.

The Galaxy S uses the TouchWhiz skin over Android, sports a nice looking 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and rocks a 1GHz processor – if this sounds like something you’d like in your pocket get tweeting!

If you’re not much of a complainer you could always attempt to win one in the sweepstake:

Let me know if you’ve contacted Samsung over their generous offer and if you’re getting a Galaxy S 🙂

I’m very interested in a head-to-head comparison of the Galaxy S and iPhone 4.

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