Free Nokia Point and Find App – Helps Answer Many Questions

point_findNokia have just released a beta version on their new Point & Find application which I think is quite special.

All you Nok owners will have to do is aim the camera of your Nokia phone at any object as you’re wandering around and the Point & Find app will access relevant data from the interweb.

That’s the plan – At the moment the beta version only recognises movie posters so no snapping at those ladies that loiter outside certain Soho clubs just yet guys 😉

Point & Find uses real-time image processing to recognise real-world objects in a Nokia database of virtually tagged items using the phone’s camera, Internet connection, and GPS data.

The software will also recognise bar codes and supports category-specific text-entry search. The beta software is a free download for Nokia owners in the UK.

It must be worth a try – shame I passed my N95 onto one of the singers I work with.