Free v2.0 in July for iPhone Owners. iPod Touch For $9.95

WWDC Apple PushStevie J has gone through some features of iPhone v2.0.

Some of which we’ve all been aware of but some of them were new – the ability to draw in Chinese characters for instance.
There’s also new support for iWork documents and better Office doc support, as well as new abilities to save images from email to the photo library, and new contact search functions.

There’s also finally bulk delete and edit of email / SMS, and the App Store will be making it to 62 countries, up from 22 in March. Rah!

Firmware 2.0 will be here in July free for iPhone owners, and cost $9.95 for iPod touch owners – that’s loads better than the $19.95 we heard it was said to cost in March.

Apple also announced a push notification service.

This is provided to all developers and it’ll maintain a persistant IP connection to the phone and let a 3rd party service ping Apple’s notification service to your device.