Free iPad app Allows AVI Films to be Played

If you bought an iPad with the thoughts of watching films wherever you are you may have been surprised to discover that the iPad had quite distinct taste as to which vids it would play.

The video formats it will allow with native support are just h.264, M-JPEG and MP4 files.

So, if you’re the type to have hoarded a bunch of flicks in the .AVI (Xvid) format you’d have to find a converter to swap them to a more iPad friendly format.

Thankfully (some how) Apple has given the green light to the free CineXplayer app which will play your AVI’s without any fuss.

All you have to do is chuck your Xvids over to the CineXPlayer using the iPad File Sharing feature in iTunes.

Then sync your iPad and there you have it. It has a neat auto-resume function that remembers where you’re up to in a film and CineXplayer will even allows you ro delete files from your collection from within the app.

The makers of CineXPlayer say that some .AVI files won’t work but for a free app that saves you having to convert all your AVI’s even an 90% success rate is fantastic 🙂

Grab it now from here.

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