Free Google Post Delivered Research – Answers on a Postcard

google_classicFor those of you that can remember pre-interweb research – you know, books and stuff then this might trigger memories.

For competitions and such back in the day the usual format of “send a postcard or self-addressed envelope to……” was a regular feature on most tv programmes.

Also when removing medical notes (I worked for 13 years in a busy general hospital) you had to shove a ‘tracing card’ in the place of the notes you were taking so folk could track them down.

This cool card is rocking those vibes from that bygone era.

How sweet it would’ve been back in the 80’s to have been able to fill out a post card with a research query, send it out to some town in California, and in a month or so, you get list of sourced information containg your search topic from around the world on your doorstep all for free.

It would’ve blown minds! 

It might’ve even stopped me attempting to learn The Trooper by Iron Maiden for a short while.

This is actually a design for an e-card you can send via the Dutch site Boomerang.

This info came from FFFFound via Gizmodo