Free Angry Birds – Intel AppUp Centre

It’s the runaway gaming sensation that has hooked Prime Minister David Cameron, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and author Salman Rushdie… and Dixons is giving it away for free!

Angry Birds is an easy to pick up, addictive and fun strategy game which can be played in bite-sized chunks. If you’re looking to fill 10 minutes before an appointment, or while you’re waiting for a friend to turn up, load up Angry Birds and get playing!

Greedy pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs and now they want revenge. Working through a series of levels, you use a catapult to aim birds with special skills at the structures housing the pigs.

Points and stars are awarded for destroying the pigs and the wood, glass and stone structures. Just don’t be put off by those swine if they laugh when you miss – you can always have another go!

Angry Birds has been a huge hit around the world, but you can get it for free when you install Intel AppUp Centre. It’s great for finding and downloading useful apps for your netbook, whether you’re looking for games or a sat nav program.

We have 10,000 free download copies of Angry Birds to give away, so make sure you register for the Intel AppUp Centre before they’re snapped up.


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