Freaky Gel Walks, Changes Colour and Plans World Domination

walking-gelNow, here’s something cool, albeit in a freaky kinda way.

A Japanese robotics lab has been showning off a chemical gel that is able to “walk” like a caterpillar.

Shingo Maeda and colleagues made the colour-changing gel by combining polymers that change size depending on their chemical environment.

The gel magnifies the small changes in size by building tension into it – this produces the curved shape as well as amplifying the material’s response to the oscillating reaction inside itself.

The clever-clogs say that it is all based on an oscillating chemical reaction known as Belousov–Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction.

I’m taking that as being true. LOL

The plan is to possibly use this tech in electricity-free robots – possibly as muscles and such I guess.

Check out the video of the clever gel beast………

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