Formula Fusion – the next gen Wipeout

formula fusionFormula Fusion is in early development and R8 Games wants to release the game onto PS4 and Xbox One after the initial release on PC.

The developer says the game will feature music composed by DUB FX and will be a bit less Sci-fi and more RAW and Craft based. Here’s some further information that we gleaned from the R8 team on Wipeout Zone:

Formula Fusion features music produced by DUB FX and other cool urban artists, together with all sorts of other juicy offerings. We have a few interesting spins on the core concept and we are pulling it back a little in terms of the Sci-fi ness of the art. To try and make it more RAW and Craft based – similar to the tech/teams in F1 – rather than loosing it’s charm by dressing it up with generic far future style.

formula fusion screen 1We are not going to take the game into the far future where style and functionality can become lost in translation, we want to take it into a gritty world with deep contrasts and cool environment fx, whilst giving it it’s own distinctive look and feel. But it will still have the high tech flavours we have all become accustomed to.

We are going to cater for those that just want to pick up and race but we also want people to be able to personalise their race experience by tailoring their craft, more for single player race leagues – if you want to be a combative weapons racer you can concentrate on weapons tech, if you want to be a speed demon then you can look at boost technology, if you want perfection then you can look at balance systems. There will be different race classes and it will be less about finding that perfect set up and rather more about developing a craft that suits your style of play and the track you have chosen.

formula fusion screen 2The game is more about science and technology colliding with the world of AG racing. There is a research element and teams will have a distinctive vibe – with some teams finding it easier than others to research particular areas and some teams starting off with slight advantages. I could ace some of the tracks I played but they each had a slight different personality to them, on some of the bends I would have liked a bit more control to shave that extra second off for example.

As you progress through the leagues you will be able to advance through different craft – working your way up to the GHOST leagues, which includes alien craft and associated technology specific to each team. We want to take this game to the next level and really push the speed aspect so there will be a lot of experimentation with the HUD to get the balance of hud based and track based navigation just right, considering the speeds we want to get out of the game. The idea is to make it truly visceral.

The developer is also looking into VR;

VR has some cool possibilities – I reckon we can get it to the point that you get nose bleeds from the speed, just like the original Wipeout ads that were banned lol!!

We grew up with the Wipeout games and are really excited to hear more about Formula Fusion. We’ll keep you updated on news about the game right here.

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