Ford Active Parking Assist – pinball wizard

ford pinball parkingWhen driving around a town or city centre there are two main problems – first is finding a suitably sized parking space, the second is slotting in to said space as efficiently as possible so as not to annoy the queue of jealous drivers waiting for you to smugly slot in. Thankfully Ford has an answer to both issues.

This may sound like science fiction but Ford’s Active Park Assist pretty much does everything for you.

The clever parking tech helps to steer you into the tightest parking spaces – all you have to do is push a button.

Once the magic button is pressed all the vehicle’s parking sensors get to work. Simply drive along the street and the clever car will sniff out a space big enough to accommodate it – no more misjudging the size of the space (or your parking skills).

After finding an appropriate space the car will go further to help you and maneuver itself into the gap. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions and audible signals to operate the accelerator, gears and brake whilst watching the steering wheel spookily spin around as if possessed by a parallel parking poltergeist!

If you thought parking in central London was tricky then check out the video below and see this technology in action in the city centre of Paris – Game on!

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