Fnatic Gear launches new eSports mouse and headset

fnatic-gear-esports-duel-and-clutchFnatic Gear has announced two professional eSports-grade peripherals: the Clutch G1 optical gaming mouse and the Duel TMA-2 headphones.

Fnatic Gear is a leader in the eSports gaming arena and is bringing two new devices to market.

The Duel TMA-2 headphones combine professional gaming and urban lifestyles into one headset, thanks to its modular design.

The Clutch G1 mouse supports maximum reliability and performance with its customisable buttons and controls.

Together, the Clutch G1 and Duel headphones support professional gamers with precision and performance during rigorous gaming marathons with premium comfort.

Duel TMA-2 headphones

Fnatic Gear worked with award-winning Danish audio pioneers AIAIAI to create the Duel TMA-2 headphones.

fnatic-gear-duel-travelEnthusiasts can finally have an all-in-one headset that delivers top-class audio quality during gaming and music listening sessions.

The Duel TMA-2’s have a soft-rubber coated modular design. This allows you to switch between sound-isolating over-ear pads to soft, padded on-ear cups. It all depends on what your preference is at the time.

The Duel TMA-2 is equipped with 40mm titanium-coated drivers. You also get a removable boom for use while gaming and an in-line mic for taking calls when you’re out and about.

fnatic-gear-duel-gaming-headsetThe Duel TMA-2 headphones will work with PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox. Not only that, they’ll play nice with smartphones, tablets and other audio devices.

The Duel is designed to eliminate the need to own a separate gaming headset and music headphones. The Duel TMA-2 offers a completely personal experience during the longest gaming sessions and throughout the rest of your day.

Clutch G1 mouse

The Clutch G1 is a plug and play, soft touch, multi-button eSports gaming mouse. The design is focused on increasing efficiency, accuracy, and performance.

fnatic-gear-clutch-g1-mouseThe new mouse has a matte, soft-touch coating and ergonomic shape that promises to perfectly fit the right-handed FPS player.

Its build allows for a claw or palm grip, which provides flexible comfort even after the longest gaming sessions. The Clutch G1 also features a unique Drag Reduction cord, elevated 2mm, to increase speed and efficiency.

fnatic-gear-clutch-g1-mouse-sideThe Clutch G1 is armed with Pixart 3310, an advanced optical sensor perfect for precise actions.

Thanks to its onboard memory, Clutch G1 offers maximum customisation with three different gamer profiles to personalise the functions of all seven individual buttons. This also allows you to select RGB illumination colours and lighting effects, and adjust polling rates.

Clutch and Duel price and availability

Customers can pre-order The Clutch G1 and Duel TMA-2 for £59.99 and £189 respectively at FnaticGear.com.

Both products will be fully available late November 2016.